Crime & Feeling Unsafe

SWEDEN. A report was released earlier this week about organized crime that showed there’s about 15 000 persons involved.

The researchers used information from the police and the Swedish Security Service. After removing 1 817 persons that didn’t have a personal identity number, which means they are non-Swedes, they had 15 244 persons as their research foundation.

67% are born in Sweden, but many of them have parents from other countries. Only 92% had graduated from elementary school. Half of them graduated from high school and out of them 8 persons went to college. I was actually a little surprised that so many made it through elemetary and high school. 

At the same time another report show that 28% of Swedes doesn’t feel safe in their home and the areas around it and when it comes to young women, at the age 18–29, 41% feel unsafe. This feeling increased during November and December. Many worried about burglery and most of them actually occur during these months. And there have been some really horrific cases, where the residents have been tortured, beaten and raped. A weird thing is that the researchers blamed the darkness for some of this sense of being powerless.

It’s more likely that people are feeling unsafe because we read about the increasing and violent crimes all around us. Like the woman who were driving through a residential neighbourhood in Gothenburg when she had to step on the brakes not to hit some men who stepped out in front of her. They pointed a kalashnikov at her, dragged her out of the car and sprayed pepper spray in her face. 

And I have to mention that Sweden have extremely strict gun laws which means that the criminals have guns, kalashnikovs and handgrenades while we are defenceless. No wonder people feel unsafe.

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