A high Fence with Barbwire

SWEDEN. A housing society for a co-operative apartment house in Kviberg, Gothenburg, have raised a 2,5 meter fence with barbwire around their property. The reason is their next door neighbours.

The residents in the house next to them, which belongs to the municipality, cause trouble. They steal, destroy property (for example a playground) and there have been problems with people using narcotics in the stairwells. The housing society tried to talk with the landlord about it, but it proved to be impossible.

CityHouseSo they saw no other way to handle it than to put up the fence and the decision was unanimous. But the fence didn’t stop the vandals so the housing society had to add barbwire in some places. The gate is locked and only opens with a code card.

A person who live in the rental house find the fence outrageous and compares it to the Berlin wall. The residents think that there are better ways to handle the situation. If that’s the case I wonder why they didn’t use those “ways” earlier. Another tenant think the barbwire indicates that they aren’t good enough and wonders if the next step will be an electric fence or landmines? One person say:

Should we explaine to our children that this is how you solve problems. By shutting other people out. That’s how Trump in USA think when he want to build the wall.

Not dramatic at all. The response in the media have been similar except for an intentional (?) misunderstanding of what the problems are. The problem isn’t the fence so outrage along the line of “fences remind me of The Walking Dead and Brasil”. If those in the rental house doesn’t commit crimes there isn’t any need for a fence. Talk with you children about that instead.

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