Won’t Sign the Migration Pact

SWEDEN. It really worries me that the UN Migration Pact isn’t mentioned here. Media doesn’t report on it and it’s only us conservatives that seem to know what’s about to happen. 

I have no doubt that we will sign it, but I wish that this wouldn’t come now when our political situation is in such chaos. The last thing we need now is even more migrants. Next year 9 000 immigrants, that have already been here a while and been granted asylum, will be allocated to municipalities in Sweden. The lack of housing, that schools are full, problems with criminality and economic problems doesn’t matter.


There are some countries with enough self-preservation not to sign the pact. Those are, so far, Hungary, Austria, Poland, The Czech Republic, Croatia, Switzerland, USA and Australia. Bulgaria and Estonia seems unsure if they will sig and I would be surprised if Slovenia and Italy signed the pact. Several of the countries leaders have expressed that they won’t sign because they want to protect their countrys sovereignty.

But the media diminish the pact and imply that those who are against it are shallow and stupid. Forbes write:

Professor Bauer said that rather than creating new classes of refugees or encouraging economic migration, the compact is in essence about “remembering that migrants have basic rights, so you cannot shoot at them, you have to provide them some healthcare if they’re in need of it, these kinds of things.” He also points out that, at least as far as Germany is concerned, there is almost nothing recommended by the compact they don’t already do.

Almost nothing recommended that they don’t already do… And how is that working for you? It’s notable that the countries with the most immigrants and the biggest problems with them have no considerations about making it easier for migrants to get to their countries. The conclusion I make is that these politicians haven’t learned a thing from all this and doesn’t care about those who have to bear the burden of their decisions.

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