Swedish Politicians Act like Children

SWEDEN. The parliament voted today if Ulf Kristersson from the Moderate Party should form a government and the majority of MPs voted against it. All Party leaders will meet tomorrow for discussions. So I guess that we are another step closer to a new election. 

An important reason why many voted against Kristersson is that he would need support from the Sweden Democrats who would immediately take their chance to destroy democracy and the entire country, according to the beliefs of the other parties. One would think that it can’t become worse than it already is since. The politicians are like little kids squabbling in a sandbox, holding on tight to their misconceptions about SD and acting holier-than-thou.


This and other things have made peoples trust in them collapse. A new poll show that the trust have decreased by 58% of those asked. Women and elderly men were the groups who felt most distrust. 40% hadn’t changed at all, 2% didn’t know and nobody, 0%, answered that their trust in Swedens politicians had increased. Not trusting the politicians and as a result the domocratic system is a very bad sign. By their political correctness they might have made it possible for the real bad guys to get influence. Like real nazis or islamist.

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