The UN never Met the Geriatric Nazis

SWEDEN. Before you watch this video about the UN Migration Pact I want to tell you about a thing that I observed yesterday morning. 

I was out jogging in the middle of the forest where I met an elderly couple talking to a man in his 60s. The man said that he wanted to be a politician for a day and that nobody had asked them to come or asked him if he wanted them to come. I seemed to have stumpled upon a group of geriatric nazis having a secret meeting.


Then the man said something with the meaning that he wanted them to leave and the tiny old lady answered him that she would help him out. Of course they didn’t mean that they would literally attack anybody, but this is how many people feel. They don’t feel listened to, that they have any possibility to influence things and they don’t like what they see.

Last night there were one gang rape and at least two shootings (it was even worse during the night towards Friday). At least that’s what we know so far. No problems here…

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