Media Was in on It

SWEDEN. It has showed that the sham with the tents were part of a campaign by a leftist organisation which want to form opinion about housing and rents. But it’s even more to it than that.

It was the eminent Rebecca Weidmo Uvell that dug up the information and managed to find out who was responsible. The part that I find most interesting is that the organisation sent out a pressrelease to the big newspapers so when they arrived, talked to the immigrants and took some photos they knew that it was all a lie. The journalists got the chance to be activists all the way and published this sob story to decieve their readers.


And this shows exactly what these journalists think about their readers. They regard them to be so stupid that they won’t call medias bluff, even though it was such a shoddy workmanship, and that the population are in need of medias help to know what to think. Instead of a dedication to help immigrants this shortsighted stunt made people distrust the media even more. Which is a really moronic move as they have the so-called alternative media breathing down their neck.

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