SWEDEN. Stefan Åkerlund lost his daughter on Drottninggatan 7 April 2017 and since then he has struggled, not only with his sorrow, but also with Swedish bureaucracy, the “opinion corridore” surrounding immigration and a man who desecrate Ebbas grave over and over again.

Stefan wrote a post on FB on 4 November about the man who has violated the grave continuously since the burial. Since May this year he has desecrated it more than thirty times! Ebbas mother had to remove the headstone because it had been totally destroyed by the stearine the man had poured over it.


Stefan even kept watch at the grave during some summer nights to stop the perpetraitor in action. And he did, but the police released him after only one hour. The man is an immigrant that has been sentenced to be deported and not allowed to return to Sweden before 2019-02-27, but he never left the country. So he should be going to prison for a year when he gets caught, but nothing happens. The police just release him and a traumatised family have to handle this mess by themselves.


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