Will Sweden Go Bankrupt?

SWEDEN. Many municipalitys are going to have to raise their taxes because the economic help from the state have ended and they must start paying for their immigrants. And many more will have to skimp to make their municipality break even. 

MigrantsAll over Sweden municipalitys that are more or less going bankrupt. Malmö have survived thanks to aid from neighbouring cities the last couple of years. Halmstad have to lay off people. Gislaved is minus 35 million kronor ($3 887 247). Härnösand had to lend 20 million kronor ($2 221 284) to be able to do the most basic tasks. Sandviken and Söderhamn had the biggest shortages 2017 (a false report showed in 2014 that Sandviken were going to make more than half a billion kronor every year from immigration). The county Skåne, which is responsible for the healthcare of 1,3 million people, are at a 77% reduction. 


But don’t fear! The employment service made headlines recently: More immigrants are being hired, the jobs are both with and without subventions! 44% are now working or going to school! But Tino Sanandaji saw through their attempt to trick us into thinking that things are on the right track when they are not. And the employment service always use the same way to deceive the public.

Those 44% are real jobs + studies + labour market measures. The increase isn’t the real jobs, only 7% get a job that isn’t funded by taxmoney, but instead generates taxmoney. The last time they measured this it was 8% that got real jobs so in reality things are going worse. It’s the so called Extra Services (Extratjänster) that have increased which is a chance to work in the public sector, for example in a school, retirement home or hospital without having the education. These Extra Services will cost 30 billion kronor ($3 331 926 149) to the year 2021. That’s a lot of money for nothing. And then there’s all the other expenditures!

And they said that immigration would become a source of profit…


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