SWEDEN. Rickard Jomshof, representing the Sweden Democrats in parliament, has produced a bill that immigrants should have their valuable possessions confiscated. Ok, that sounds bad, but there’s an explanation.

If you need welfare in this country you have to sell all that you own that are valuable and spend all money on your bankaccount. If you own your apartment and need to recieve welfare for a long time you have to sell it. If you need your car to get to work you might get to keep it. The wife or husband are investigated in the same way because they are obliged to provide for their spouse there won’t be any welfare before he/she have sold everything and spent all their money.

As you can see the terms are hard for Swedes. At the same time immigrants come here and just get money  even though they might have money or valuables with them. Why shouldn’t they use some of that to pay for all the things they recieve here? Paying for yourself and taking personal responsibility is what grown ups do! It would probably discourage some of them to come here too as they have heard that they can get everything for free in Sweden. And we wouldn’t have to see immigrants that suddenly drive around in fancy cars.

In Denmark they sell valuables that cost more than 10 000 Danish kronor ($1 529) and Inger Støjberg, Minister of Immigration, say that immigrants will be treated in the same way as the Danes. Switzerland and the German states Bayern and Baden-Württemberg also have these kinds of systems.


But Ulla Andersson, economic spekesman for the Left Party, finds this idea appalling. And Anne Ramberg, secretary-general of Swedens bar-association, write that this bill truly shows the view of human beings that the Sweden Democrats have. Anne is a leftie and supported Elin Ersson (but not when she got charged and needed money), called Hanif Bali a brown rat (brown is an insinuation that he is a nazi) and are pro-immigration which she makes tons of money from, but said that elderly have to relinquish social welfare so we can pay for immigration.

At the same time the Left Party have produced a bill saying that everybode in Sweden, no matter if they have citizenship, should be allowed to vote. Immigrants, students from other countries, the beggers from Romania. All of them should have their say so they feel included. But how about those visiting for the day?

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