Two Chinese priests from an underground Catholic church (means it isn’t controlled by the state which a public one is) have been detained by the authorities. The official explanation is that they are taking some time off to study the new regulations on religious practices.

The body of the Catholic tribal Chief in Nigeria, that I wrote about in week 42, have been found dead. A ransom for his release had been paid, but he was killed anyway.


A 15-year old Christian boy in Pakistan asked a group of Islamic seminary students to not enter his neighbourhood and convert Christians with force. The group started to attack the boy and his family regulary. Assaulting them, stealing and breaking their home. In August the Muslims tortured the boy and one of his injuries was that the skin on his foot peeled off and exposed the bones.

The cemetary at a Christian monastery in Beit Jamal, Israel, has been vandalised and 28 graves were destroyed. In 2013 a bomb were thrown at the monastery and in 2015 the cemetary was trashed. This is the site where it’s believed that S:t Stephen, the very first martyr, are buried. During the last six years about 50 acts of vandalism on Christian sites have occured.

A group of Christians were attacked in Agra, India, during a prayer meeting at a hotel and beaten with hockeysticks. The radical Hindus said they had talked derogatory about Hinduism and they wanted to convert them. 5 men and 2 women were severely injured and then the Hindus handed them over to the police who registred cases against the Christians.


About 2500 Pakistani Christians have fled to Thailand and are seeking asylum there, because of discrimination and persecution. Now the government have decided to send them back which have made the Christians fear for their lives.

On October 31 Boko Haram attacked a camp for refugees within their country in Dalori, Nigeria, and killed at least eight people according to authorities. But people in the camp say that 13 were killed. Several women are still unaccounted for and may have been abducted by the Islamists.

A Christmas Market in Belgium have gotten it’s name changed by the organisers to Winter Market. The Christmas lights are to be replaced with neutral winter lights and the reason is to not offend other beliefs. This is not persecution like the others, but it’s the way Cristianity is eliminated from the west.

On 20 October 20 Chinese Christians were arrested as they were evangelizing on the streets. They were released later and more than a hundred persons from their congregation met them and walked home with them.


A 12-year old boy in Uganda were taken by a group of Muslims that wanted him to convert. If he didn’t comply they would kill him. They beat him and when he still refused they strangled him. His father heard the commotion and found his son unconcious, but the boy will make a full recovery.

On October 24 a mob of Hindus attacked a pastor having a prayer meeting in his home in Parupalli, India. They wanted to have the pastor handed over so they could kill him, but his parish protected him. One woman was injured.

On 2 October ISIS shot at three busses on their way to nearby S:t Samuel Monastery in northern Egypt. One bus managed to avoid the bullets, but in the others seven were killed and dozens were injured.

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