SWEDEN. Author, debater and economist Tino Sanandaji have gotten into an argument with Maria Robsahm, journalist and former politician (The Liberals and later Feministic Alternative). It started when she accused him of lying intentionally about rape statistics.

This is the sentence by Tino, from May this year, that Robsahm have a hard time believing and also add that Tino claim that the increase have happened in ten years:

An enlarged definition (of rape, my comment) is without any doubt important, but when the reported of rapes have increased by 700% there’s possible that there are more explanations and also that it have been an actual rise.

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention put together statistics about crime in Sweden (but not if it’s linked to ethnicity) and in 1975 the number of reported rapes were 9/100 000 citizens. 2017 it were 73/100 000 which is an increase by 711%.

It’s a good thing to know ones limits so you don’t get the idiotic idea to prove someone with a master in economics and a PhD in public policy wrong on his professional field. Especially when you suck at maths.


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