Surgeon Harassed Jewish Coworkers

SWEDEN. Antisemitism are a problem in Sweden and Jews describe both verbal and physical attacks. They doesn’t feel safe here anymore. In their country.

A former chief physician, a surgeon from Iran, at Karolinska University Hospital have harassed and bullied Jewish personnel because of their hertitage for the last two years. He has also published antisemitic malicious portraits on FB. In one of his posts he equate a female Israeli soldier with a girl from Hitlerjugend.


One of the victims of this treatment rapported the him in February but the management ignored it. In October they were contacted by the Simon Wiesenthal Center which gave the hospital heavy criticism for the way they have handled this. By not dealing with the harassement properly it has actually increased and the physician has become more aggressive in his attacks. At least two Jews in the staff have left the hospital because of him.

Now he’s on a time out for an undefined period of time which is far too lenient. He should be sacked at once and I believe that it’s his ethnicity that makes the management act like cowards. An ethnic Swede would never get away with something like this.

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