Muslim gang Hijacked Youth League

SWEDEN. A group of Muslims have taken over SSU Skåne making homophobia, antisemitism, threats and an undemocratic working procedure a normal part of the association. And both other Social Democrats and members of the media have taking an active part in covering it up. For years.

I think I must explane some things first. SSU means Sveriges Socialistiska Ungdomsförbund which in English is the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League. As you can understand they are connected with the Swedish Social Democratic Party and through the years SSU have been a seed-bed for the next generation of leaders. LO is the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (Landsorganisationen i Sverige) which is an association of different unions. It’s closely tied to the Swedish Social Democratic Party and before 2008 a membership in one of LOs unions meant a membership in the party. The Swedish Transport Workers Union (Transportarbetarförbundet) is a part of LO. Skåne is the big county in the very south of Sweden.

SSUSocialDemocratSSU Skåne is the third biggest district for the young Social Democrats so that it has been infiltrated by conservative Muslims is a big deal. The group came from the no go area Rosengård in Malmö and were so aggressive and manipulative in their demands to take over SSU Malmö that other members felt threatened. One woman even chose to step down. They had no respect for the democratic procedure of doing things. They investigated how many votes it would take to win the leadership posts and brought the needed people to the annual meeting. By the look of their pictures of FB almost all of their members have immigration background.

Several in this group are members of the Islamic branch called Ahmadiyya that often are persecuted by other Muslims because of their reforms and having a new prophet. They focus on evangelization, are encouraged to join organisations and are often perceived as peaceful and integrated into society. This is obviously not true and we can see here that they doesn’t share Swedish values.

OmarAl-GanasOmar Al-Ganas was born in Gävle, a known center for salafism, and is the nephew of imam Abo Raad who are described as the leader of Islamism in Sweden. His cousin Riyad Abdulkarim Al-Duhan Raad was sentenced for threatening a journalist who had investigated the Islamism in the mosque in Gävle. Al-Ganas lives in Hässleholm now and was a member of SSU Skåne. After only being politically active for one year before the election he got the most votes of all Social Democrats in Hässleholm. He said to the media that he hardly had to have a campaign because the area where many immigrants lived was “his”, which can be interpreted in several ways.

Al-Ganas have said that he doesn’t share his relatives opinions and doesn’t consort with them, but that’s not true. On FB he has recently expressed antisemitic ideas, liked pictures with Abo Raad and write that being a Muslim and praying is the meaning of life. Even though he’s born and live in Sweden it’s Iraq that he feel he represent. He calls well known Swedish female bloggers whores for questioning immigration and on he wrote that if he was invisible he would crush everybody and kill the presidents of Israel and USA. He lost his political mandates and was suspended when this was exposed in October. He started to lie about what he had written online, but that was easily disproved.

RizwanElahiThe former chairman of SSU Skåne Rizwan Elahi, number eleven on the list to get into Parliament, represent a mosque where the imam told visiting fifth graders that gay people are pigs and that those who doesn’t pray five times a day will be punished by God. Elahi said during a speech to other social democrats that Islam will solve all problems, sufferings and diseases that exist. He find atheism to be immoral and that it’s obligatory to spread Islam. To interfuse religion with politics like this is totally improper in Sweden. Elahi has now left the Social Democratic Party all together.

Co-chairman Khloe Abdel Wahab had an internship at Egypts Ministry of Foreign Affairs earlier this year. She has said that her job was overseas business developments, but that she doesn’t with the regimes opinions. She has now been suspended.

Mansour Ahmed is the current chairman of SSU Skåne, have a place in the city council in Helsingborg, is the chairman of the LO-unions in the city and work for The Swedish Transport Workers Union. He has made a statement that those who have misbehaved have to leave SSU and in that case he will have to go too because he is described to be the worst of the lot when it comes being antidemocratic and making threats. For example it have been common to call female members whores. A member said:

We get called to meetings where we are more or less threatened to be silent. We are not allowed to express ourself on social media, create event and activities, or call for debates without having to ask the board for permission as the current board have taken all the power…

MansourAhmedSSUMansour Ahmed are now apologizing if somebody have taken offense by his actions and says that what has happened have been a part of an internal power struggle. He hasn’t been suspended yet and it will be very interesting to see how the unions react since they are known for expulse members that are Sweden Democrats.

A guest from another district said about the yearly conference that people were so aggressive that they adjourned the meeting which made representatives from Helsingborg and Malmö encircled the board and scream at them. The conferences were dominated by gangs of young men who didn’t care about the democratic way of working in politics. They came with bills that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to donate blood and motivated that by saying that homosexuals are dirty and have diseases. All attempts to talk about honour culture were shot down by them and a member in SSU who had left her family because of hounor violence were called traitor. A tradition in SSU  is to always end their meetings by singing the International, but the ruling group started to sing an Arabic song instead. An action that may be interpreted as a sign of where there loyalties lie.

SocialdemocratsDemonstrationThat their opinions contradicts SSUs principles have been hushed up, something nobody else would get away with. The head of the national SSU, Philip Botström, initially lied to the media and said that he didn’t know anything about it. But the truth is that he has known since at least this summer and even been present on a meeting where homophobic opinions were expressed. Members of the Social Democratic Party in Malmö have known about this for years.

One reason for this spineless behaviour is a culture within the social democratic associations that you have to be lenient with immigrants prejudices because they haven’t reached further in their “process”. Talk about racism. And then there have been people like Daniel Swedin, writer for Social Democratic Aftonbladet, who called the person who six years ago tried to warn about an increasing antisemitism within SSU, a revolting racist. But that tactic won’t work this time around.

It’s high time to see Islam for what it really is: a highly problematic ideology that are very different from the things that we value in the west. Ideas like these doesn’t exist only in fringe groups, but are in reality very common.

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