Charged for Raping His Teacher

SWEDEN. The student, a 19-year old from Syria, who raped his teacher about two months ago are being charged for sexual harrassement, assault and rape. 

ManCrimePrisonThe first incident took place on 31 August where he placed his hand on her tigh, pulled up her skirt and squeezed her bottom. After that he started to send threatening messages on Snapchat: I will fuck you ’till you’re broken, I will force you and fuck me or we’ll kidnap him. The person he threatened to kidnap was an adult relative of the teacher. On 14 September he kept hold of her, pushed her into the classroom and locked the door. He held his hand against her mouth and shoved her further into the room. She asked him to stop, but he didn’t care and then he raped her.

The lowest punishment for rape is two years in Sweden and young offenders get a reduced sentence. For a 19-year old the sentence is reduced by 30-40 % and in addition he will be conditionally released when he has served 2/3 off the time. This means that he’ll only be in jail, for the rapecharge, for 10 months. That’s how things work in this superfeministic country! So he will soon be out again unless he gets sentenced to be deported.

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