SWEDEN. The network of activists who fight for the unaccompanied refugee children from Afghanistan keeps on going. Their leader Fatemeh Khavari said earlier this year that this is the time to demand more! So now they are entering, according to themselves, Phase 3.0.

AfghanImmigrantsBoyMenWomanEven though the Afghans asylum applications have been rejected, it have been proved that they aren’t children and a lot of crimes have been commited by them the network demands that ALL of them should get recidence permits. That they lack the need for protection doesn’t matter, but they have to stay here to have their human rights satisfied.

Why does Sweden have any responsibility at all for this group?! Why should they get special treatment? The world is full of poor people, but we can’t help all. To use our resources on those who doesn’t need help means that we can’t help real refugees! But I guess the activists only care about themselves and their “sons”. That many of these female activists have sex with the Afghans is well known both in Sweden and Norway (link 1 and 2).


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