SWEDEN. The city Kungsbacka have had to take in 400 immigrants this year and that there wasn’t anywhere for them to live didn’t matter. After all everybody have to do their share. 

The municipality tried to persuade the Swedish Migration Board to wait until they could arrange housing, but that didn’t work out. The plan have been to have static caravans and they have been bought. The problem is that the building permits for them have been appealed and that it have taken a longer time than expected to prepare the ground where they will be placed. So at first the immigrants will have to live in dormitorys.


But that isn’t a dignified way of living, says the municipalitys integration director (yes, it’s evidently a full time job, paid with taxpayers money, to not achieve anything). So now they are asking the residents in Kungsbacka if they can help them out.

This is something that we have seen before and it really pisses me off. We are not asked if we want massimmigration, but we are supposed to pay for it and then take care the situation when the state fails. So persons have opened their homes for immigrants before, rented out flats and houses. Been open and welcoming. But there have been story after story about hostility towards the renter from the immigrants and that they have trashed the places they rent totally. So I doubt that Kungsbacka will get much response for their plea, at least not from people who have read a newspaper the last couple of year.