SWEDEN. The attempted rape in Deje have gotten a lot of attention because it have been so poorly handled by the police. 

A woman was out walking her puppy and got attacked which I have written about here. The new information is that the perpetraitor used a knife during the attack, the victim were cut, her clothes were cut opened (including her panties) and the man kicked the little puppy so it flew through the air. Here you see an interview with her by Joakim Lamotte in Swedish. When she published a warning on a local FB page there were so many comments that the municipal closed it down because they feared that somebody would write something racist.

DollGirlToyThe week before this attack a 14-year old in Deje went through the same thing (by a younger Afghan who goes to the same school as her. The social services took over the case) and there have been a lot of support for them both. The locals had a manifestation against violence towards women and many are irritated that the police have the resources to monitor the gathering when they didn’t do anything when a man with a knife ran around and a woman were injured. To top it all those who had gathered were reported by the police because the manifestation were illegal.

The inadequate management of this case doesn’t stop because the woman know that the man is Afghan and that he lives in the asylum centre in the centre of the town. She even recognized his trousers on the washing line outside and even though she called the police and said that her blood must be on the trousers they said that they didn’t have the recourses to do anything about it. There haven’t been any arrests as far as she knows. Another thing is that when she got interviewed on the newspaper Expressens web TV the reporter asked her in advance not to mention how the perpetraitor looked.

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