UK. Savile Town is a suburb of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, and is mainly inhabitated by Muslims. At the census in 2011 it had a population of 4033 persons and out of them only 48 have a British background.

IslamWomanUKSavileTownMost of the residents have Indian or Pakistani background, are Muslims and members of the deobandi sect. They live their lives after the motto that “if Mohammed did not do it, we don’t do it” and they don’t want to mix with people from other religions. Deobandis run almost half of the registred mosques in the UK and they teach 80% of all the new imams in the country. There are 31 mosques in Dewsbury and seven of them are in Savile Town. There’s also a sharia court in Dewsbury.

The inhabitants wear traditional clothing, the women and girls cover themselves using the hijab and niqab. Many of the women doesn’t talk English at all or only a little bit. Their lives revolve around the family and they seldom or never meet anybody outside of their group. The children are trained in madrasah schools to memorize the quran, but when it comes to higher learning only men should be allowed get it.

A journalist who were interviewing a spokesman for the deobandis in his home in Savile Town were not allowed to see his wife. She prepared the tea in the kitchen, but had to hide herself totally from the visitor. The spokesman was a religious advisor at British universities.

A woman has her hair out & tight clothing in Savile Town. At least two men look at her.

Eight of the nine pubs in Savile Town have had to close because of a lack of customers. The hair salon have also closed down as well as the Western grocery and clothes shops. With no places to meet or shop people start to move. First some and then many. But there’s off course more reasons.

Some of the few white people that still live in Savile Town said that they are regularly approached by Muslims that want to buy their houses. It has even happened that complete strangers have brought cash in plastic bags to make the deal on the very doorstep. Elderly Jean Wood had a note pushed under her door less than 24 hours after her husbands death. Her Muslim neighbour wanted to buy the house where Jean had lived her whole married life. The spokesman mentioned above bought his neighbours houses.

Lorraine Matthews used to live in Savile Town and have said to media:

I wouldn’t go out at night on my own as it is dangerous if you’re not from the Muslim community. It isn’t sensible for a woman to walk there after dark. The Asian lads gather on the corners, they make you feel intimidated because they don’t respect white women. (…)

I asked one tall teenager, wearing an Islamic cap and white robes over his jeans, for directions to the mosque entrance. His response was to spit at me and shout: ‘Go away, you shouldn’t be here. Don’t come back.’

WomanChildUKSavileTownThere have been several cases of two or more Muslims who have attacked white pedestrians without any reason. There have also been stones thrown at cars, but only those with white drivers.

Savile Town have been called an extremist hotspot and have a scary track record. Three of the four perpetraitors in the London bombings of 2005 lived in ST. The 15-year old arrested by counter-terrorism and who were plotting to murder non-Muslims was from ST. The teen that co-ordinated car bombs in Iraq 2015 was from… You see the pattern.

There isn’t any intention to integrate and this Muslim group want to live with those of the same cultural background as their own. They aren’t interested in diversity and are actively working against it, but it’s still the whites that move who get the blame from the Muslim community in Savile Town. They’re the racists, but as we can see it’s much more complex than that.


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