70 000 migrants from North Africa and the Middle East are on their way north from the western Balkans. Many of them are probably heading for Sweden, the country where you can lie, rape and get provided for without any consequenses.

Hundreds have managed to cross the border between Bosnia and Croatia, but thousands more are waiting to do the same. Buses and trains with migrants have been forced to turn around. The Croatian police are trying their best to hold the border, in some pictures you see them wearing riot gear as the migrants are using violence. So far this year 16 000 migrants have traveled this way into Europe. Hungery have boosted their southern border and offered to help Croatia.

Dozens of the migrants have been offered to go to a migrant center, but they have stayed outdoors. They have said that they are going to hungerstrike if they are not allowed to cross the border. Some have covered their eyes and mouth with tapes.

I understand that these people are desperate in some sense because they live in shithole countries that never seem to get prosperious, but we can’t support them all. And I know it’s cold of me, but I can’t help to think of stuff like that in the last paragraph as a theater act, begging for attention and sympathy. Like how every photo has a woman and/or a child in the middle, but around them there’s only men. Mainly young men.

We saw in 2015 how the media created the pro-immigration attitude among Swedes by only showing pictures like those, while those who came were mainly young men. And here we are again.

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