ITALY. Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini have, in my opinion, worked wonders with Italy and it seems like it’s finally getting back on track. 

I can’t even imagine how it must have been when thousand after thousands of migrants showed up on their shores and they were forced to take care of them. It can’t have been easy to make it work practically and financially.

WaterHouseCityItalySalvinis three step program to handle this is increasing the number of repatriation centers to move the immigrants away from society, reducing the number of people that arrive by making it harder to get asylum and streamlining the deportations system. Those without identification will be deported which I think is really smart. Here in Sweden it’s well known that “refugees” “loose” their IDs by some strange collective bad luck when they get close to our border. For example, none of the 10 000+ Afghans that have applied for the so called High School-law had any identification.

It saddens me that Catholic prelates in Italy critizice Salvinis actions and accuse him of being too hard on the illegal immigrants, of being short sighted and trying to gain political points by this. At the same time they admit that there’s no easy solutions and that they haven’t even read the law in depth. That’s a good reason to be quiet and investigating the subject further. I think it’s shortsighted not to think hard about the long term effects of Muslim immigration and how you integrate them.

WaterSeaHouseCityItalyRecently four men were deported because of links to Islamic terrorism. They came from Morocco (stood outside a synagogue in Florence and shouted Allahu akbar), Egypt (an iman that incited Islamic terrorism), Gambia (had a notebook showing how to build bombs) and Tunisia (arrested for selling drugs and vandalism. Praised ISIS in court and attacked a prison police). An Albanian woman was deported in October for being an ISIS member and trying to recruit her relatives.

Italy deports about ten jihadism-related persons every month which is the most in Europe. Some of them try to return to give it another try. And the number of jihadis in the country is rising due to illegal immigration and foremost the radicalization that takes place in Italian prisons. It might even be the case that islamists are being sentenced to jail deliberately so they can influence the other prisoners. And the schools in Italy have started to monitor their students to detect signs or recruitment. Considering this it should be obvious for everybody that reforming the immigration system is a good thing.

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