Persecution of Christians – week 42

Leah Sharibu, the Christian girl in Nigeria who was kidnapped by Boko Haram, are still imprisoned. Her captors have declared that she is now their slave and that they can, according to their doctrines, do what they want with her. And we all know what Mohammed taught about female slaves (1 & 2). One of the captors said:

From today Sharibu, 15, and Ngaddah are now our slaves. Based on our doctrines, it is now lawful for us to do whatever we want to do with them.


Alice Ngaddah is a Christian nurse working for Unicef who have two children. She was captured on 1 March with Hauwa Liman (Mulsim, 25) and Saifura Ahmed (Christian, 25) who both were midwifes and worked for the Red Cross. When they were kidnapped two other aid workers were killed. Huawa and Saifura have been executed.

On September 4 a 57-year old Indian pastor was abducted and beaten by a mob of Hindu radicals. When the police finally intervened he was arrested together with his attackers accused of trying to convert an elderly woman by force. The next day the pastor were invited to a party and then a mob of about 100 radicals attacked him and the other guests. He was beaten severly, kidnapped and belived he was going to get killed, but was saved by the police who arrested him and his attackers. The pastor spent a night and a day in jail and couldn’t see a doctor for that time. The local newspaper reported it, with quotes from the police, so that the Christians seem to be the perpetraitors.

Feces, urine, and a cigarette buts were found by the altar in the church of Sainte-Julitte de Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole in France. The police were called and the priest now considers to install CCTV so it will be possible to keep the church open all the time. Crimes like these is a sign of hostility and intolerance in society.

A Christian tribal chief in Nigeria was attacked and kidnapped after he had visited the govenor to talk about the attacks by the Fulani Militia. The chiefs security team was killed. It’s unknown where he is now.


On the October 13 twelve Christian men from Darfur were arrested as they were gathered in a house church by Sudan National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). Those who convert from Islam in Sudan faces hostility and even death, as in most Muslim countries.

Two Salesian priests, three nuns from the Missionary Society of St. Paul and three lay teachers were forced to leave the Wa Hills in Myanmar. During this fall churches have been destroyed, pastors have been detained and religious schools have been closed. Students at a Bible school were forcibly recruited to the army and haven’t been seen since. 92 Christians were recently released from jail, but only after signing a pledge that they only will worship at home from now on.

Swedish Turkish journalist Nuri Kino has written about why he cares about the minorities in Iraq. He does so because it used to live 1,3 million Christians of different denominations in Iraq and now there’s only 200 000 left. As no one is talking about this he will. A Christian man from Iraq once told me that it had been impossible for him to live as a Christian there anymore. The only option was to flee.

Only a day after Turkey relesead pastor Andrew Brunson the Anti-Terror Police Department arrested the US-Canadian missionary David Byle. He was interrogated and ordered to leave the country. Byle have been evangelising on the streets for 15 years and it wasn’t the first time he got arrested. He got 15 days to pack up his family and leave.

About 40 000 Christians have returned to the Nineveh Plains in Syria which they escaped from in 2014 when ISIS attacked. The houses are damaged and a lot of work have to be done. Read more here. Donate to Aid to the Church in Need to help out.

When evil darkens our world, give us light.

When despair numbs our souls, give us hope.

When we stumble and fall, lift us up.

When doubts assail us, give us faith.

When nothing seems sure, give us trust.

When ideals fade, give us vision.

When we lose our way, be our guide!

That we may find serenity in Your presence,

and purpose in doing Your will.



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