Unable to Report Rape to the Police

SWEDEN. A woman was almost raped on October 18th, but when she tried to report it she couldn’t. There were long queues on both of the polices numbers so she couldn’t report it until the next day.

WomanGirlThe woman lives in Deje in the municipality of Forshaga and was walking a dog in the afternoon when a young man shouted to her in some foreign language. He started following her and sounded more and more hostile by the minute. Finally he pulled her to the ground and tried to tear off her clothes, but luckily she managed to get away.

When she got home she called the police and waited and waited until she got so tired that she had to go to sleep. After an ordeal like that I guess she was exhausted in every way. The next day she went to the health center to treat and document her injuries and there she saw a police car. The police officers helped her to file a report and later they did some findings at the crime scene. No one have been arrested for the crime.


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