Together We Can Change Institutions

SWEDEN. I don’t know if this news story have reached beyond the countrys borders, but this is what have made us Swedes pissed off this week. It united the left, the right and those in the middle which was rather nice.

Denis is six years old and in 2015 he and his mother applied for asylum in Sweden. They came from Ukraine, probably because her mother and father have lived here for six years. But this March Denis mother was found dead. His father doesn’t have custody and doesn’t want it either. His grandparents applied to adopt their grandchild, but the Swedish Migration Board had another plan.

DenisSwedenChildBoyFamilyThey decided that Denis should be deported. To Ukraine. Alone. Where he knows noone. To live in an orphanage. The matter was already sent to the police so they could carry out the deportation when the story hit the news. You can understand why people reacted and became both angry and sad. It was all over social media and people were signing petitions. Many compared Denis case with the 22-year old Palestinian that threw Molotov coctails at a synagogue in Gothenburg where the court judged that it’s impossible to deport him because of “Israels potential interest in the case since his crime can be seen as a political crime”. So a criminal filled with hate gets to stay, but not a traumatized little boy?!

Many people stress the negative sides of social media, but in this and many other cases it have brought forward something good. The board changed the decision witin a day and are now going to investigate the case further. So it doesn’t mean that Denis gets to stay, but the small family have been given some breathing room. Denis grandmother is very grateful for the support they have recieved and I can promise that if they try to deport that Denis the support will be even bigger. Then it will be ordinary people that stops airplanes.

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