Persecution of Christians – week 41

On September 30 a journalist was arrested and detained for five days without charges in Syria. The police searched his apartment confiscating a laptop, a computer, and four of his cell phones. For five days he was in custody before being released and he was never told his charges. Nobody knows still, but he had written an article criticizing the Kurdish politicians for closing down private schools run by the Chaldean Catholic Church and the Syriac Orthodox Church.


In September orthodox Christians erected a cross on the island Lesbos, Greece, and last week in was destroyed. It was a group that is pro-immigrant that tore it down because it might offend the Muslims in the big refugee camps on the island. Camps known for their islamism and violence. The locals will raise money to erect the cross once more.

Father Pierluigi Maccalli, who were kidnapped in Niger by islamists, have probably been moved into Burkina Faso. Locals say that his work against FGM might be a resong for the kidnapping.

Myanmar have started to detain Christian clergy and shut down churces. Hundreds of Christians from minority groups have been arrested and released later. Seven priests are still in prison.


A right-wing politican in India propose that Chrisitian missionaries should be deported from the country. Christianity is seen as foreign and dangerous for the Indian culture.

Somali Islamic militants crossed the border and bombed the teachers house at Arabia Boys School in Kenya. Two non-local teachers died and three others were severly injured. Non-local teachers are often targeted because most of them are Christians.


you are my help and comfort;

you shelter and surround me in love so tender

that I may know your presence with me,

now and always.


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