UGANDA. Two years ago Dorika Kabuo and her four children were chased from their home by her husband. The reason was that they had left Islam and become Christians. Dorika says:

My husband of over 20 years turned violent against us when we converted to Christianity and joined the nearby evangelical church in Bwera, Western Uganda. The man we looked upon for love and care turned into a beast, beating me and my children daily because of our new faith in Christ Jesus.

JesusChristianityMy children became my inspiration because of their unwavering commitment to Christ and readiness to overcome any obstacles in the way. Being a Muslim family, my husband’s relatives joined in fighting us even to the extent of abusing my children whenever they met with them.

One evening my husband beat us up and threatened to butcher us the following day if we continued professing the Christian faith. That very night, he chased us away. We packed a few belongings and left the place we called home to Kasese, not knowing how we would get there or where we would be staying.

He used to send Muslim sheikhs who pledged to hunt me down and poison me, but the Lord protected us. We have since changed our names and it is hard for anyone to identify us now.

Sarah, one of Dorika’s children, shared:

During that period, our father stopped paying for our school fees and taking care of us. He also used to beat us even without reason. He refused us to go to church, but we could sneak and go when he was away. If he learned that we were in church, he would pick his rubber whip and flog all of us.TeresaAvilaQuoteChristianity

Dorika’s son, Christopher, pointed out:

Nothing could stop us from fellowship with other brethren because that is where we got encouragement, nourishment, and love. The church became like a home for us. The more we insisted about remaining in Christianity, the more my father’s hostility escalated.

This is something that many converts from Islam tells and in Uganda people have been rejected, tortured, or even killed by their families for leaving Islam. The majority in Uganda is Christian, but the Sunni Muslims, who make up about 14% of the countrys population, are very active. They have also attacked churches, priests and other Christian families.


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