– Because I told You To!

USA. Antifa is running wild in Portland, Oregon, on neither the politicians or the police seem interested in stopping their behaviour. Or the case might be that they can’t manage.


The clip is from October 6 when power-hungry Antifa and Black Lives Matter took control over a crossing and stopped drivers to redirect them. Or to attack the drivers. It was a protest against a gang-related shooting where a black man shot two other men and then approached the police holding his gun. The police shot him. I guess the left will try to make him into their next innocent victim.

The video is actually their own which shows that they are totally clueless about how repellant they are in every way: their conduct, philosophy, lack of respect and empathy. The cult-like herd-mentality and the overwhelming racism and hate. There was a similar protest on October first and a homeless man argued back to the demonstators. A woman said:

– You’re a white privileged little motherf*cker.

– White privilege?! I live in the f*cking street, woman!

That’s a perfect summary of Antifas lunacy. The only time I’ve seen anybody act in this way they have been severly mentally ill and locked up for theirs and others safety. Portland have to take back the control from these fascists.

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