Persecution of Christians – week 40

Muslims in Indonesia want the laws to be more Islamic and that means that Christians get a harder time. The authorities have now closed down three churches without to giving any other reason than “administrative reasons”. Nobody knows why these churches were singled out, but for the last ten years about a thousand churches have been closed.


Turkish military targets seven villages in northern Iraq with airstrikes which is mostly inhabitated by Christians. They justify this by claiming that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are present there, but human rights groups say it’s just an excuse for expanding their territory. They want Turkey to be investigated for war crimes for bombing civilians. And the residents are pleading for help.

Ten years ago ten Indian Christian men were arrested and convicted for murdering a Hindu leader who had caused anti-Christian violence. Two highly ranked policemen have testified later that the allegations was false. Read more about the mens cases here.

A shipment of Arabic Bibles, that have been held in Port Sudan since 2011, have been released. The recent improvements for the Christian minority is a part of the countrys Foreign Ministers effort to improve the countrys image.


On October 2 the Iraqi politicians formed a government, but during the time since the May election Christians, especially in Bagdhad, have experienced an increasing vulnerability. Militias control the country and murders and violence is common. Many Christians  talk about fleeing, but to lose a job that was hard to get because of discrimination makes the decision even harder.

Turkish President Erdogan used pastor Andrew Brunson as a battering ram against USA during the inaugural session of parliament. He said that “a priest being prosecuted for his shadowy links with terrorist organizations as a pretext to impose sanctions.” Brunsons next hearing is on October 12.

On October 3 the Fulani Militia attacked the village of Ariri in Nigeria. It’s believed that 19 people lost their lives.

More than 300 teens in Chinese high schools were asked to fill out a form about their faith. It’s percieved as a way to identify Christians and pressure them. A form like that could be used against a person throughout their life and make it impossible for them to join the Communist Party, which give you access to jobs and other perks.

Dozens of Syriac Christian schools were forced to close, but expectations were that they would open in the middle of September. The reason for the closure is that they want the teachers to speak Kurdish and that’s rare among the Christian group. The authorities also want the schools to use curriculums and diplomas that’s not accredited and can’t be used outside the region.

Father, You have given all peoples one common origin.

It is Your will that they be gathered together

as one family in Yourself.

Fill the hearts of mankind with the fire of Your love

and with the desire to ensure justice for all.

By sharing the good things You give us,

may we secure an equality for all

our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

May there be an end to division, strife and war.

May there be a dawning of a truly human society

built on love and peace.

We ask this in the name of Jesus, Our Lord.



  1. May I suggest a “persecution” or “persecution of Christians” tag that we can find all of your posts on the subject?
    Looking at the “Related” at the end of this post, I see “In” ‘Children & Youth” and … weird… I was pretty sure I saw different tag there as well.


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