SWEDEN. Here’s some news from the last two days. Two days for all this mayhem?! It’s like a nightmare. But I must remember not to speak ill of my country as the former PM Stefan Löfven doesn’t like that. We should pretend everything’s great. Like he did for the last four years.

Two girls, 13- and 14-years old, were arrested by Gottsunda School as it were burning. The fire started around 03.00 on the 8th of October. Nobody was hurt, but the school is ruined. Gottsunda is a no go area in Uppsala and during 2017 there were 2800 incidents there. One of the girls wrote on snapchat: “fun fun driven home by the whorepolice & 4000 kronor in reparation, feel so bad for me & X right now our lives are over brother”. Arsons in schools have increased by 47% the last two years.


News is spreading that a young woman was gangraped by six foreign men. It took place on the 7th during the morning in Gällivare, a town in northern Sweden. The perpatraitors are not known. Rumour has it that FB has removed posts from people who warned others that this had happened in the area.

The city centre of the no go area Rosengård in Malmö is closed off. There was a big fight this morning because of “unsettled business” and it ended with one person dead. He was stabbed to death. The suspect has been arrested.

Two persons have been stabbed at the High School in Leksand at 13.30 today. One was stabbed in his back and one in his hand. At least one of them were under 18-years old. Two persons have been taken to hospital and one of them were the perpetraitor who also got injured.   Update 2018-10-10: The three men were students at the introductionprogram which means they are immigrants. One is under the age of 18 and two are older.


There have also been several cars that have been put on fire in Lund, Malmö and Husby. And the policemen and firefighters have been attacked and had stones thrown at them.

As you can see everything is just fine here. We have never been safer….


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