Amazon Donates to Islamists

UK. The internet giant Amazon, who have banned Jihad Watch and others who work against extremism, have decided to spend some of their profit on what’s described as “the main Salafist organisation in the UK”.

The Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) was founded by Haitham al-Haddad. He’s an Islamic scholar from Saudi Arabia who used to be the organisations chairman. He still has a big influence over the foundation.

Al-Haddad has been described as one of the most dangerous men in Britain. And that’s no wonder as he supports child marriage, female genital mutilation and stoning people to death for adultery. He has also quoted the usual parts of the quran about jews and said that homosexuality is a scourge. Al-Haddad is connected to Islamic Relief.

The foundation campaigned against the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill together with Cage, Hizb ut-Tahrir and the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA). MRDF also publishes extremist material and which is a hardcore islamist site.

So every time a supporter of MRDF buys something from Amazon they can choose to let the store donate to the organisation. One would think that a big company like that would have the resources and brain to do some googling.


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