The Hearing Is Over

PAKISTAN. Asia Bibis hearing took place today and the judges reserved their verdict which means that it will be announced later this month. Her husband said:

She is psychologically, physically and spiritually strong. Having a very strong faith, she is ready and willing to die for Christ. She will never convert to Islam. She also wanted to deliver a message to the international community that they must remember her in their prayers. These prayers will open the door of the prison, and she will be released very soon. She is spending her life praying with a very strong faith and is reading the Bible every day. She feels when she is praying, Jesus is encouraging and supporting her.

Millions of the citizens in Pakistan are militant islamists and a Muslim cleric have offered 500 000 rupees to the person who kills Asia. But the moderate Muslims want her to be set free. Salmaan Taseer, govenor of Punjab, was assassinated in January 2011 after saying that he would fight for Asias release. Only two months after that Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, who himself was a Christian, was shot dead for wanting to reform the blasphemy laws so they couldn’t be used to persecute Christians. Both now-retired Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have expressed their support for Asia.

All of this strife, suffering and death because of accusations of insulting Mohammed made by some Muslim women who objected to her drinking from a common water supply…


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