I was checking out the aid organisation Världens Barn (ca Children of the World) and by chance I saw that they work with Islamic Relief. I couldn’t believe my eyes! You just have to google once to find out that they are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. My first thought was to email Världens Barn and ask them about this. Then I realized that it would be a good thing to provide some proof for my claim and use the opportunity to learn more. But I’m sure that they already know, but for some reason chose to ignore it.

Let’s start with The Muslim Brotherhood

Mahmoud Khalfi is the current imam at Stockholms mosque and he’s posing with the sign of Rabia which is a MB symbol.

This religiopolitical islamistic organisation was founded in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna in Egypt. The idea of jihad against colonial powers were there from the start and during the thirties and forties they were strongly tied to the Nazis. In fact Banna was a big fan of Hitler and MB spread Mein Kampf and antisemitic The Protocols of the Elders of Zion throughout the Middle East, where they are still best-sellers. Their goal is to implement sharia and establish a global caliphate. A document from 1991 show the Brotherhoods plan for the USA. They have ties to Turkish president Erdogan, Al-Quada and Hamas.

Then there’s Islamic Relief

It was founded in 1984 in Birgmingham, England, by founders were who were connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and got even more involved by time. Today it’s the largest Muslim charity in the world and have offices in 20 countries. It’s income is hundreds of millions of dollars. The majority of that money comes from governments in the west (like Germany, Sweden, UK and USA) and the European Union and the United Nations. All in all Islamic Relief has recieved more than $80 million from taxmoney the last 10 years. Germany is currently investigating how IR use the taxmoney that they have given them. Islamic Relief also get donations from both individuals and organisations. For example they are financially linked to Charitable Society for Social Welfare which was founded by bin Ladens mentor Abd al-Majeed al-Zindani and Qatar Charity which is a front for the regime in Qatar.


Islamic Relief is used as a way of giving credibility to the Muslim Brotherhood and to finance terror. Their connection to Hamas is well known and that they have donated money to them. They act as a front for organisations run by Hamas. IR also give a platform to hate preachers and help to spread their ideas. In Gaza IR have given money (Swedish taxmoney at work) to Al-Falah Benevolent Society which is run by an Hamas official and to Unlimited Friends Association (UFA) who is used to fund the families of  Hamas terrorists. There’s also a close connection to the World Association of Muslim Youth (WAMY), that used to be headed by Bin Ladens nephew. Their main branch is publishing extremist litterature. In 2005 Russia accused Islamic Relief for supporting terror in Chechnya.

In 2012 the banking giant UBS closed down IRs accounts and stopped donations. The bank HSBC did the same 2016. Islamic Relief are banned in Bangladesh (fear that IR supported local terrorists,  in 2017), Israel (including the West Bank), since 2014) and the United Arab Emirate (in 2014). It’s classified as a terror organisation in Israel, Saudi Arabien and United Arab Emirate.

The Swedish branch of Islamic Relief


Is funded by SIDA, a government body that help poor people around the world. The former imam in Stockholms mosque, Haytham Rahmeh, was active in IR, but during the last couple of years he has lobbied and bought weapons to support groups of Muslim Brotherhood militia in Syria. That the mosque in Stockholm is connected to the MB is no secret. Rebecca Weidmo-Uvell looked into Islamic Reliefs finances in 2016 and found that they recieve 75 miljoner kronor in govenment funding every year (the same post mentions of Ali Khalil who recently tried to sell votes to get a buildings permit for a new mosque. He has worked for Islamic Relief).

The former general secretary, Abdallah Salah, have expressed that the Jews killed JFK, funded Hitler and caused the financial crash of 2007. He is often seen wearing the MB insigni. In 2015 Ihab Hallak gathered 870 000 kronor in the mosque in Stockholm for the Al-Nusra Front in Syria. The mosque said that only IR were allowed to fundraise there, but Salah said he didn’t know Hallak. Perhaps he didn’t, but Hallak have worked for Islamic Relief in Sweden from time to time.

Hate preachers

Islamic Relief have a history of inviting hate preachers to their events and UK Charity Commission is currently investigating the organisation because of this. Here’s some of the invited speakers:

  • Haitham al-Haddad. Spoke at an IR fundraiser in 2010 in the UK. Says homosexuality is a scourge, advocates female genital mutilation, it’s a betrayal to prosecute Muslims who kill Jews, battered wifes should cry in front of her husband and be obedient to awaken his mercy and to take your wife “by force” is a fluid term.
  • Suleiman Hani. Spoke at a fundraiser in Albany, New York, on June 10 2018. Presents shows on the Islamic Huda TV channel that invites extremists. The website publish articles about that Jews and Christians conspire against Muslims. Hani himself spread conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terror attack and that the war on terror is a war against Islam.
  • Abdul Nasir Jangda. Extremist preacher. Spoke at 2016 Islamic Relief Fundraisers.  “The thing to understand is that the husband has his set of divinely given rights, one of which is the right to have his physical desires satisfied.”
  • Nouman Ali Khan. Prominent cleric. About porn and sex workers: “And now let’s talk about this punishment. They’re not killed; they’re whipped. And they’re whipped a hundred times.
  • Zakir Naik. An extremist televangelist who said: “If [Osama bin Laden] is fighting the enemies of Islam, then I am for him.… Every Muslim should be a terrorist.” He is banned from Canada (where he was to speak at Islamic Relief), UK, Bangladesh and India.
  • Yasir Qadhi. US cleric. Spoke at Islamic Relief events in 2010 and 2017. “Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews. There are a number of books out on this written by Christians, you should read them. The Hoax of the Holocaust, I advise you to read this book…”. Retracted this 2008 and claimed not to be an antisemitist.
  • Abdullah Hakim Quick. Have taken part in several online fundraisers, including one in April 2017. He has said: “homosexuals are dropping dead from AIDS and they want to take us all down with them” and that homosexuality are to be punished with death. The army of ad-Dajjal, which is the Islamic version of the antichrist, are filled with Jews and gay people according to Quick.
  • Zaid Shakir. Frequent speaker at IR in the USA. Board chair of the Islamist institution Zaytuna College. Conspiracy theorist who blaims the victims for terror attacks.  “The legal and political system of America [is] sinful and constitutes open rebellion against Allah…. Islam presents an absolutist political agenda, or one which doesn’t lend itself to compromise.”
  • Omar Suleiman. Prominent preacher that have spoken at IR-USA, IR-Canada, and IR-UK several times. Advocate the death sentence for “people that practiced sodomy.”

Sources and further reading

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