Final Appeal for Asia Bibi

PAKISTAN. Catholic Asia Bibi have been jailed since 2009 and in November 2010 she were given the death sentence. Since then she have been in solitary confinement. She is accused of insulting the prophet Mohammed, something that she denies.

Tomorrow Asia have the final appeal against being executed to a bench of three judges from The Supreme Court of Pakistan. The additional prosecutor general of Punjab Province have been told to be present. In October 13 2016 the death sentance was adjourned after one judge was declared to be recused.


The law was introduced in the 1980s and makes blasphemy illegal: to insult the quran gives you life in prison and to insult the prophet leads to death. Nobody has been sentenced to death by this law yet. If the Supreme Court rejects Asias appeal the only way to save her from being hung is for her to direct an appeal to the President and that he shows mercy.

Because of the persecution against them Asias husband and children have had to leave Pakistan. If Asia is released they plan to seek sanctuary in one of the countries that have offered them exile.

Lord God, Redeemer of all men,

I come before you today to ask for justice in court.

As the Scriptures say,

God will judge the righteous and the wicked,

for there is a time for every matter and for every work.

It is my request that your judgment be manifest in court with Asia,

though men are fallible, through You justice can be had.

Thank you Lord Jesus, and hear my prayer.


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