Islamistic Principal Opens Schools & Recruit

SWEDEN. The foundation Doku have investigated the principal of The Science School (Vetenskapsskolan) Abdel Nasser El Nadi in Gothenburg and reveals that he’s an islamistic recruiter. The Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) confirms that the school has been investigated before, because of employes who have expressed their support for ISIS and islamism. 

After SÄPO had visited him this spring El Nadi said that he didn’t have any solidarity for terror organisations and that he wanted to protect the society that had kept his family safe. But it’s well known to SÄPO that he’s the reason why so many people have traveled from Gothenburg to fight for ISIS. Doku have translated El Nadis FB posts and in 2014 he expressed his support for the caliphate and had his theories on how to make it work. It included sharia scholars as advisors.


El Nadi have lectured at Believing Young Future Rolemodels (Troende Unga Framtida Förebilder, TUFF) and Swedens United Muslims (Sveriges Förenade Muslimer, SFM) which both are radical organizations that invited hatepreachers. El Nadi were responsible for the dawah (a missionary work to get people to embrace salafism and recruit them to terrorist groups) which was inspired by Islamic Education And Research Academy (IERA).  Proof exist that the SFM have worked with the school.

Even though these connections to islamism exists and The Schools Inspectorate have critiziced the school heavily, El Nadi have started another school this fall in Gävle. The radical imam Abo Raad lives in Gävle, his daughters are married to men connected to the schools and Raad is El Nadis friend. Next year another school will open, this time in Halmstad. It’s called the Friendship Shool (Vänskapsskolan) and his friend imam Abu Muadh, another radical, lives there. El Nadi also tried to take over the International IT College Of Sweden, but that failed because the deadline for application passed.

Boys & girls apart

The school inspectors interviewed students during an inspection in 2011-2012 at The Science School. The students range from preschool to class nine. It was revealed that the students didn’t learn about any other religion than Islam. The home language education in Arabic were given to all students, no matter what their mother tongue was and the swim instruction even violated the Education Act.

The school library consisted of a 5 meter long bookcase with not too many books in it. One reason for that was that the area was also used as canteen and prayer room. So they chose to limit the number of books that are so important for the students development and especially if their Swedish is weak. That really shows where their priorities are! The assessment of El Nadi by the inspectors was that he lacked the needed skills and education for his job.


In 2017 there were an unannounced supervision and once again there were many inadequacies. The school failed to instruct and establish values like equality between the sexes and the equal treatment of all people and groups. Sex ed wasn’t taught at all because the students and their parents came from a different cultures. Every week the children had a class called Time for Equal Treatment in which the girls sat in the back of the classroom. The educator, was Muadh Zamzam from the SFM who have been caught on tape for teaching that girls will go to hell if they don’t cover up from the age of 12. The girls were taught things like not to  display themselves. This class was removed by the school inspectors.

Are anybody surprised by these findings? I’m not. Poor kids.

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