ISIS Controls Refugee Camp?

GREECE. The refugee center on the island Lesbos is said to be the worst camp in Europe and that it’s full of jihadists from a group that’s connected with ISIS. Reporters from Deutsche Welle placed spy cams on former inmates to see what the camp’s really like.

BoatSeaStarThere’s more than 8000 people living in Camp Moira, as it’s called, though it was only meant to house 2500. There’s problem with drugs being dealt, stealing, robberies and money lending with intrest. The enviroment is harmful for children and sick. And more.

Recently 50 jihadists arrived from Syria and they have been taking over the camp. The ISIS logo can be seen everywhere inside Moira and a Kurdish man was almost killed by them because of his ethnicity. That’s why the Kurds and the Christians have been forced to flee from the refugee camp. They want to impose sharia law and this is what one refugee said about them:

They are fanatics! They talk about thieves, rapes, and murders and things like that. The have the worst ideology. They say that if you are not Muslim I can rape you…

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