The Kavanaugh Game

USA. I have been following the Kavanaugh case closely and am familiar with all it’s twists and turn. And I am convinced that the accustions are false. Especially judging from how the Democrats are acting.

They have been ingenious from the start and every time there is a blow against their cause something new shows up. Like alcohol, gangrapes, the throwing of ice, being angry and so on to avert the attention from the flaws in their tactics; like incoherences in Fords testimony, her knowledge on how to create memories and fool a lie-detector, the refusal to turn in the therapists notes, Rachel Mitchells memo, the lack of witnesses, a boyfriends letter. And why would the Democrats react like that if they really are sure that Ford is telling the truth?


Like the hysterical women shrieking at Republican Jeff Flake in an elevator for him voting for Kavanaugh. The sexual abuse that they have been victims of are now, by leftist logic, his fault and by voting for Kavanaugh Flake became responsible for their sufferings. Their have been similar attacks on other senetors and some of the women are a part of The Center for Popular Democracy which is funded by George Soros. Their sister-organisation have organized mass protests against Kavanaugh that led to more than 200 arrests. So these are no innocent doves, they have a clear political agenda.

If you like history like me you might have read about the womens right movement in the early 1900s and their dignified compusure during their marches, until they started to use violence. Well-dressed, well-spokened and determined to disprove the predjudices against them.

And now feminism is all about emotional reasoning, if there’s any reasoning at all, and wailing like banshees over not getting their way and their personal experiences. About their victimhood which is caused by the white, heterosexual, privilieged man. And on top of it all Kavanaugh is a Catholic which explains their motive. The Left fear that they will loose their right to kill their babies.

That’s why feminists keep this witchhunt going and I see a connection to #metoo. Proof is unimportant, because all men are guilty. One accusation is enough since you have to Believe Her.

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