The Left Party – Past and Present

SWEDEN. The Left Party have an interesting history, but communism, support of dictatures and terrorism haven’t stopped people from voting for them. They got 8% in this years election and their member Lotta Johnsson Fornarve were chosen as the Second Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament.

Communism (2)

Until 1990 the party was called Left Party the Communists and there were many members that didn’t want the name to change. And they have really been and still are true communists. The Soviet Union was an ally that helped them out financially and the Left were a part of Comintern. When Soviet were allied with Hitler they were too and they even defended the nazis. When Soviet attacked Finland during the war they supported Soviet. They have also praised dictatures like DDR, Cuba, Romania, Vietnam and North Korea (one example is that they sent congratulations to Kim Il Sung on his birthday). When the Berlin wall fell partymembers expressed sadness.

The Social Democratic Party have always relied on the Left Party for support, but they haven’t been a part of the government. The Left want high taxes and to make it harder for entrepreneurs (very logical as it’s the businesses that provide the taxmoney). Their rethoric is often Marxist and anti-American. When Morgan Johansson tried to restrict our freedom of speech in our basic laws during the last term the Left Party supported that. When the laws against terrorism were created a couple of years ago the Left Party opposed them because they would make it illegal to travel to prepare terror and to give money for “humanitarian aid”.


Jonas Sjöstedt is the party leader and joined in the late 70s. In my opinion he’s sanctimonious. One would think that with a history like the Left you would be very careful not to say anything that might draw the attention towards that, but Jonas is constantly lying about the Sweden Democrats. He may seem nice with his soft voice, but that’s just a front because underneath that he’s a communist. Before the election he said on TV that the aim is to forbid capitalism and private property. In 2015 he said that we have a lot to be inspired by Venezuelas example. In 2015 the Left gave money to DFLP (Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and the Left are also tied to Group 194, who are antisemites and connected to Hamas.

The Young Left of Sweden are associated with extremists and in 2014 they expressed their support for Antifa and the Revolutionary Front. When they acted in an undemocratic and hostile way towards Sweden Democrats during the election campaign Sjöstedt didn’t rebuke them. He said that it wasn’t his place to do that. Their party program say that they want to impose communism and they also promote revolution.

Lotta Johansson Fornarve joined the Left Party in 1979 which is around the time Solzjenitsyns GULAG-archipelago was released. But she chose to join a pro-Soviet communist party anyway. Lotta want a Swexit and doesn’t acknowledge The European Convention on Human Rights. Still she claims that as long as she has been a member the Party have distanced themselves from communistic dictatures. Either she’s incredibly stupid or she’s dishonest. Either way she’s not an appropriate person for an important job like Deputy Speaker.

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