SWEDEN. Earlier this week Christina Öberg Nilsson, 65, were sentenced to 3 months in prison for hate speech in the Court of Appeal. This is her story and some more.

In 2016 Christina got robbed and assaulted while out bicycling. She percieved that the two men were Afghan migrants and there were several witnesses who saw the incident. They helped her to the hospital and she reportes what had happened. But the police soon ended the investigation.

ComputerMugCofeeAfter this Christina became more active on FB. She was angry, she was afraid for her own and her familys safety. She wrote about the situation in Sweden and how the politicians didn’t want to see or do anything about it. I have read some of the posts and they were coarse, but is words really the most urgent things to handle now? The police have so much on their plate that rape cases are dropped because of lack of staff. And what’s more, Christina says that she didn’t write them.

Enter Näthatsgranskaren, a business run by Tomas Åberg and I believe he’s the only employee, who are paid by The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society to search social media to find people who express themselves in a racist way. A former coworker described Åberg as a compulsive liar that’s totally unrestrained. In 2013 Tomas was subjected to a prohibition to own animals after half of his yaks died due to a lack of food and water. SVT have praised him in an article written by a known syndicalist for reporting more than 850 cases of hate speech during less than a years time. And one of them was Christina and if Åberg have problems being truthful maybe her claim to not have written the posts is correct.

PrisonAnd why doesn’t we see reports to the police about Muslims expressing racism, antisemitism or misogyni? Like imam Safir El Refari who in 2017 said that jews are the descendents of monkeys and pigs (Qur’an 5:59-60). Or when a Turkish Association demonstrated in Stockholm screaming “It is time for uniting the Turkish nation. The Turks will wake up putting an end to the Armenian dogs. Death to the Armenian dogs! Death! Death!” in Turkish. And the arabs that demonstrated in Malmö shouting “We will shoot the jews” and “Muhammads army will return” didn’t suffer any consequenses for that. Neither did the Muslims in Stockholm, including imam Mahmoud Khalfi,  who demonstraited against Israel, chanting ”Khaybar, Khaybar, o jews, Muhammads army will return”. This is clearly inciting violence and not only derogatory words.

Language differences is a problem, but if you can fund one person to find racist words online you can give somebody the same preconditions to translate what’s said on all the videos that’s available. Because the goal is equality, right?


2 thoughts on “Jail For some, but not For Others

    1. Thanks for the link! I won’t publish your other comment as it contains personal information. I probably should do better research, but I’m learning by doing. Also, I’m have a personal life so I can’t spend too much time on this hobby. I’m not a journalist.
      If she is a liar or have debts isn’t really important when it comes to her freedom of speech. You should be allowed to say stupid and racist things, but not encourage violence.


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