Billions Wasted

SWEDEN. The Social Democrats like to create fake jobs, sometimes called traineejobs, that are paid by taxmoney. It makes the unimployment numbers, and themselves, look better. Because everybody can see that they are making efforts!

The idea is that these jobs will become real jobs, but they very seldom do. It can be to helping out in schools, on hospitals and in retirement homes. These jobs have cost the taxpayers 25–30 miljarder kronor ($2 822 530 570 – $3 387 036 680). And then there’s the project called Green jobs where a couple of thousand immigrants and/or people who have been out of a job for a long time have worked with picking up trash and brushwood in the forest and on the shoreline.


How are that supposed to prepare these groups to become a part of the Swedish workforce? As Tino Sanandaji phrased it: Swedish employeers isn’t interested in farmhands who can manage easy tasks that were rationalised away already in the 19th century. But that’s what you get when most of those who immigrate are low skilled and have no education. They become a burden whose living all others have to finance. A recipe for disaster.

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