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A Brand New Pippi

SWEDEN. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren is a classic childrens book and Pippi is often described as a feministic role model. But now a new version is going to be written!

It is Gunilla Lundgren and Felicia Di Fransesco who are writing a series that will be aired on Swedish Radio in October about “Pippi in Rinkeby” (it will also become a longer book). Astrids relatives have approved the project and the money that are made will be given to charitys in Romania. In this version Pippi lives in a car in the no go zone instead of her big house in a small town. Pippi is Roma and Mr Nilsson and Horse are only toys. Her father may be in Italy playing the accordian to Tommy and Annika are called Kostas and Katarina.


Well, I don’t like it. A Pippi living in an abandoned car isn’t funny or imaginative like her pink crazy house. It’s just sad. And I wonder where the bag of goldcoins come from. Her father? Or is she involved in the drugtrade? It’s a good thing that Pippi is so strong so she can fend of the rapists or those who want to beat her up because she isn’t covered up properly.

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