SWEDEN. Yesterday psychiatrist and author David Eberhard debated Veronica Palm (S), former member of parliament, on the wage gap on SVT.

It was when Eberhard stated that research doesn’t show that discrimination is the reason why women make less money that the debate got heated. Palm claimed that structural oppression is the reason and she knew this for sure because “she could read numbers”. It’s a good thing she said so, because many of us have wondered. And when Eberhard refered to big studies on mens and womens psychology and biology Palm said that it was nothing but master suppression techniques. And:WomanBooks

– This racial biological view of gender is something that we have left behind a long time ago.

Well, that’s also good to hear considering how fond the Social Democratic Party was of racial biology in the past. As you can understand Veronica Palm is stupid and can’t debate topics beyond the usual catch-phrases. This is the woman who traveled to Angola, posed in MPLA gear and when she got critized said that “they have a multy-party system and an elected president“. Would it kill her to pick up a book or just google things?

So Palm never had a chance against smart and articulate Eberhard who was absolutely correct in everything he said.

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