Whistle Blowing Police Lost His Assignments

SWEDEN. Ulf Rydström has worked as a police for 40 years and was the safety representative at the border controls. Yesterday he talked to media and today he has lost his assignment.

The reason why he talked to the newspaper is the shortcomings within the border  controls which international inspectors have registered. Rydström think that these inadequacys is a risk to the security of nation and when he failed to accomplish a change within the system he contacted the paper. According to the chairman of the union the reason for Ulfs dismissal isn’t just his contact with the media, but he claim that Ulf has been hard to work with for a long time. The chairman also say that many policemen feel bad after Ulfs appearence in the newspaper. Police officers gets choked and stabbed by criminals without compensation, jihadists slip through the borders without problems, but if anybody “feel bad” action is taken immediately.

Other policemen stand by Ulf and express anger for the boards treatment of him saying that they are the footmen of the Swedish National Police Agency. That a trusted person that have worked hard to improve the quality of our nations border controls and his colleagues working conditions is treated in this way isn’t only a disgrace, but also a crime.

The right to whistle-blow is protected by Swedens basic law and since 2017 there’s also a law that makes it illegal for the employer to punish an employee who uses his right to alert media about defects in the workplace. The decision to take away Ulf Rydströms job as a safety representative is only temporary, but the final vote will be held next week. I hope they pull themselves together and do what’s right.

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