Violence & Sexual Harassment increase in Schools

SWEDEN. Following the reports that a student raped a teacher the working conditions for teachers and students are being discussed and what we hear doesn’t paint a pretty picture. 

The Swedish Work Environment Authority have revealed that the number of reports of physical violence in schools almost doubled during the last four years. Also The National Union of Teachers in Sweden say that it’s becoming more common that teachers are sexually harassed and subjected to physical violence.

KnifeViolenceThe explanation they give is the increasing violence in society and the shortage of teachers makes it hard to stop this development in time. And the big circulation of staff result in that the longterm planning suffers. They doesn’t say it to the media, but what everybody think is that all the new cultures that are misgynic is a big reason for this. And then there’s the honour cultures that emphasise macho behaviour and that you should avenge every slight you experience.

But it haven’t only been sexual violence in schools that has caused headlines in the last weeks. There have been several cases of young students that have brought knives to school to settle the score when they have a conflict with schoolmates. Both of these manifestation is very worrying since schools should be safe, for both teachers and students.

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