Huge Costs for Housing

SWEDEN. When all the immigrants and/or refugees came the need for housing became acute very fast and many saw their chance to make money. But the money they made came straight from our taxmoney and those manking money made a a lot of it.


In the city Trelleborg the municipal wrote a contract with three beautiful refugee accommodations in 2015 and 2016. This year two of them have been empty, but the municipal still have to pay the rent every month. That’s 268 000 kronor (ca $430 456) monthly and the contract doesn’t expire until spring 2019. The house where refugees still live cost 158 000 kronor (ca $17 955) a month. And that’s just what the housing cost!*

There’s no wonder that municipals all over Sweden are having economic trouble. And it will become even worse for them when the money they recieve in funding from the state for the refugees comes stops coming. Which should be any time soon. And add to that that the state have actually lended from abroad, during an economic boom, to keep things afloat.

*Also the houses often need renovating later, because the immigrants tend to trash them.

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