SWEDEN. SVT is known to be leftist even though they themselves seem to believe that they are unbiased. Jens Ganman did a compilation a couple of years ago of the times when SVT had let their agenda shine through and if I remember correctly it was 79 pages long…

“The regular man on the street” is one of SVTs specialities where they present somebody as “concerned neighbor” or something like that when the person in reality is an activist for some leftist organisation, spokesman for a union, member of a political party or their youth organisation or a journalist on a communistic newspaper. The last one was presented in a debate show as “teacher”.

TVMediaHouseThe other day SVT talked to Robin Zachari in the Stockholm suburb Bagarmossen the day after there had been a shooting and an attempted murder. He said that people feel safe there and that Bagarmossen is “Gods chosen suburb”. But SVT didn’t mention that the man with the hyperbolic language is a professional opinion-former who is chef de cabinet at Stiftelsen (left wing organisation which focus on activism and changing others opinions) or that he have been the political secretary for the Social Democratic Party.

And of course he downplays the violence because it doesn’t fit his political narrative. It took me only a couple of minutes of rather slapdash googling to find cases of deadly violence all the way back to 2002. It was criminal gangs then and it’s criminal gangs now, but the important thing is that everybody keep their heads firmly stuck in the sand.

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