One Little Town

SWEDEN. I live in a small town with about 15 000 residents. We are one of the municipals in Sweden that have taken in most immigrants with regard to our population. And I used to be so blind that I actually thought that it had worked out well, but I was wrong.

When the Yugoslavians came during the ninties there was some friction, but they weren’t so different from us culturally, not even the Muslims, so they soon became a part of the town. People have also arrived from communistic countries, Chile, China and many more over the years. I’ve never experienced any problems with them, but with those from the Middle East you noticed a cultural difference especially when it came to the treatment of women (this doesn’t apply to the Christian refugees from the region).


Then there’s girls wearing the hijab (some from age two) and being totally covered except for face and hands. I’ve seen girls so warm that they had to sit in the shade instead of playing with their friends. The boys have more freedom in their sparetime. The men often learn Swedish, but the women doesn’t or they only speak a little which makes them isolated and dependent on others. This also affect their children because they can’t help them with their school work. I saw one Somali woman this summer that couldn’t even use her credit card so her son had to help her.

Sweden and Somalia isn’t very alike when it comes to values and that has brought trouble. Their lifestyle depends on Islam, their level of education, the clan system and probably other stuff to. I don’t think these factors makes it easy for them to integrate and then there’s the question if they even are interested in that. In my experience they constantly refrain from showing up when they’re invited. If you want to become a part of a society you show up to the social stuff! And with not learning the language and keeping to themselves they show that they’re not really interested in adapting to Sweden or even become friends. Perhaps friendly, but not friends.


Crime have increased by a lot and it’s located to the areas where immigrants live. You read in the local newspaper about men getting have been caught driving without a licens more or less every day. There have been shootings, attempted rapes, horrible cases of domestic violence that remind of torture, many cases of arson (containers, schools, mopeds, daycares, homes etc), drugs, fights between “groups” (medias codeword for immigrants), robberys, attacks with knives and on and on. Today I found out that the police have had to follow the ambulance and firefighters to these areas and watch over them so they could do their job. The police have also been attacked and had their car damaged.

And this is only one little town without any no go-zones that haven’t created any headlines. How many more just like this exist all around Sweden without the publics knowledge?

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