NORWAY. NRK, Norways public service TV and radio, looked at all courtcases from March, April and May this year where children and their families were involved.

In 84 of the cases a verdict was reached and there were 135 children involved in these litigations. 47%, which means 63 children, came from families that had immigrated to Norway. As they are a small group it’s quite conspicuous that they are over-represented. Most of the families came from Africa and Asia. They came from many countries, but Afghanistan and Pakistan were most common among those who got convicted.


Some of the cases contain abuse such as fathers beating their wifes in front of the children. Mothers who beat their children with spoons, their hands or threatening them with knives. Girls being sexually abused by their father or brother.

Commentators bring up the culture in these countries, especially honour culture, and how many of them are dictatures. Trauma from what they have experienced in their homecountries is another factor. They also mention that it seems like sexual abuse isn’t more common in this group than compared to ethnic Norweigans.

Now I’ll let Apostate Prophet take the floor and share his experiences on this topic:


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