The biggest Case of Trafficking in Sweden

SWEDEN. A couple of years ago it was like the whole country got invaded by beggers. Suddenly they sat outside every store, even in small towns. I think that most of us were dismayed and wanted to help them, but then the rumours started.

A newspaper wrote about beggers who took their teen out of school in Romania so he could come here to beg. The same family said that they had made so much money that they had bought a car so they could travel back and forth more easily. Beggers lived in parks, school yards and invaded private property. Trash, urine and faeces become a problem and schools had to hose off the playground so the kids wouldn’t step in it.

Others saw signs that beggers were being mistreated and some said that the women were forced to prostitute themself. That was when the left mobilised, but not to help these people. They wanted to stress that the beggers was victims, but only of poverty and discrimination. They were not victims of their countrymen, but the oppressive white, west who are so ungenerous. Beggers should all be let into Sweden and given everything, including social welfare and schooling for their children. Journalist Anders Lindberg stated that organized begging was a myth equal to the one that says some pizzerias use rat meat in their pizzas. This comparison have become a running joke.


Now a case is being brought to court against 8 people accused of exploiting others to beg and make money for them. Seven of them come from Bulgaria and six of them are relatives. The other person is Swedish and his yard were used to house the beggers in caravans. About 40 victims have been found, but it’s believed to be 60 victims. They were lured to Sweden with promises of jobs, but were forced to beg in Växsjö instead.

The victims were beaten when they didn’t make enough money and sometimes for no reason when they had gone to sleep. The food they got was bad, while the men lived a lavish life of the millions of kronor that the beggers made. And since they didn’t get to keep any money they were unable to go home. This is the largest case of human trafficking in Sweden and the preliminary investigation is more than 3000 pages long. And this is far from the only case like this. But don’t talk about it, because that makes you a racist.


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