Leila Doesn’t Answer

SWEDEN. Leila Ali Elmi, the Green Partys new member in parliament, doesn’t seem to be able to answer the questions about her Somali campaign, because when she tried she only seemed to confirm them even more.

I would like to know what she thinks about Islams treatment of women since she calls herself a feminist. How does the Green Partys values about women and homosexuality work with what Islam teaches? And on a practical level, does being a feminist mean she think Muslim girls should get to choose what to wear, who to marry and when to have sex? And how about FGM?


Also, Leila used to be a teacher in the Somali language at a private Muslim school that had prayer on the curriculum. It would have been interesting to know more about her views on these kinds of schools since there have been a lot of debate about them. Especially as this school had to close because of violent students and deceit on applications.

We have no idea if she’s another islamist using the Green Party to get influence. We know that she stood by Islamist Mehmet Kaplan who was a member of the government. Leila supported that Amineh Kakabaveh from the Left Party should resign from parliament after she by mistake shared material by Nordic Youth. Many believe it was only a pretext to get Amineh removed because she worked against honour culture which was/is considered racism by her party.


One thing we do know is that she thought Carolina Farrajs (leftie who used to be super Muslim and made up she had been attacked because of that) video rant attacking Joakim Lamotte (civilian journalist that for example have investigated the increase in rapes) was the best thing she’d seen in a long time. In the video Carolina call Joakim every bad word in the book and even bring up his children and it goes on for 17 minutes!. Leilas comment on that she wrote and shared the video is: so what. She seem to think that the problem is Carolinas and Joakims opinions when the problem is that she liked the unprovoked and hateful attack by Carolina.

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