SWEDEN. On Friday afternoon, September 14, a female teacher at Brinell High School in Nässjö was pushed into a classroom and raped by a student in his twenties.

She was severely chocked, but wasn’t physically damaged. At first she didn’t want to report what had happened to the police, but with support from her colleagues she did so yesterday. The director at the school told the newspaper Aftonbladet that he/she had never experienced anything like this. The teacher wished to return to work and have managed to do so.

WomanMoveDanceThe student have been suspended from school and the police have arrested him. The police have said that they won’t release any further information about the case. But let’s speculate a little about this student.

In Sweden you graduate from high school when you’re about 18 years old. A 20-year old Swede or refugee that need to study elementary or high school subjects do that at the Lärcenter, Learning Centre (which isn’t located at Brinell High School). But the so called unaccompanied refugee children have been proved to be older than they say and have been allowed to go to school with younger students. And I also know that Nässjö have taken in many refugees from Somalia, Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Syria and Iraq.

So why does it matter where the student’s from? It matters because if he wasn’t supposed to be in Sweden, in that school, the teacher wouldn’t have been raped. And that could explain why she didn’t want to report him. Maybe she thought that it would be racist of her.