Murderer Gets to Stay

SWEDEN. It seems like there’s a story like this every day in the press nowadays. Rapists that are convicted and gets to stay in the country, men who have attacked synagoges stay because they might not be safe in Palestine because of Israel who might have an interest in him. Here’s another case.


A 25-year old man applied for asylum in Sweden because he had killed his cousin with a stone in Afghanistan. They had been in a fight about the land that the family owned. The man brought his wife and two children and they had, like many Afghans who come to Sweden, lived in Iran for several years. The Migration Agency rejected them asylum and then they rejected his appeal.

But the man took it to a higher body and they granted the man and his family permanent recidence permit. They are now considered to have refugee protection status because of notably distressing circumstances! And at the same time hard-working immigrants get deported because their boss have made a mistake in the records. But let’s keep the criminals!

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